Martha's Vineyard Mushrooms™

Artisanal Mushroom Products

MVSH Home:



Our MVSH Home Candle line brings the timeless fragrances of the Vineyard for you to enjoy year-round. Vacation doesn't have to end when you take a piece of the Vineyard home with you.

Current scents include: 

Vineyard Porch:  Warm summer air filled with citrus and salt-drifting across your  cottage porch. 
Water Rubies:  The tart and fruity scent of the Vineyard’s hand-harvested cranberry  bogs. 
Boatbuilder:  A warm, woody, masculine scent straight from the shipyard. 
Decadent Donuts:  Leap the line for the Vineyard’s sweetest secret-late night donuts at you-know-where. 
Vintage Vineyard:  Pour yourself a glass and unwind to the rich scent of Vineyard  grapes and a spicy Merlot. 
Dune Rendezvous:  The scent of lotion and ocean bring back hot summer nights on  the sand. 
Trustafarian:  Relax like the young and idle rich with our cooly ironic patchouli and ylang ylang blend.




MVSH Shiitake Soaps: Made with Shiitake mushrooms, Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter, and Natural Herbs.

Current scents include:

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Shroom:  bright green color, earthy and herbal scented
Hanami Cherry Viewing:  cherry color with poppy seed flecks, cherry blossom scented
Frost Flower:  ice blue with poppy seeds, scented
Tea Ceremony:  lilac color with poppy seeds, green tea scented
Winter Stroll:  cool green color, rosemary and mint scented
Festive Forest:  green with peppermint flecks, peppermint scented
Hunter’s Coffee:  brown with coffee flecks, coffee scented
Wilderness Cabin:  violet gray color, carob scented
Breakfast Bar:  beige color with natural oatmeal flecks, roasted oatmeal & honey scent
Rose Romance:  rose color and scent with rose petals
Lavender Luxury:  lavender color and scent with lavender flowers
Sunrise Swim:  blue color, ocean kelp and sea salt scent
Cape Cod Cruise:  cranberry colored, cranberry scent
Tuscan Morning:  golden color, grapefruit scented
April Showers:  lilac color, lilac scented
Baltic Amber:  amber colored with flecks of pink sea salt, amber and salt scented
Fields Of Provence:  green colored, flecked with lavender & thyme, lavender & thyme  scented