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The Product Directory is a listing of our various product lines, telling you what they are, what they're about, and if they're right for you. 

MVSH Fresh:

Our farm-fresh Martha's Vineyard Mushrooms cooking mushrooms include Shiitake, Lion's Mane mushrooms, Chestnut mushrooms, Pioppino mushrooms, and Pink, Blue, and Golden Oyster mushrooms. We also offer these in dried form so you can enjoy our mushrooms whenever the mood strikes you! While all mushrooms have medicinal properties, some are not designed to be cooked and are better taken in dry, powdered, or tincture form. Our medicinal mushroom line includes Reishi, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail, keep watching for our newest offerings! We also offer a triple power mushroom grinder of dried Shiitake, Lion's Mane, and Oyster mushrooms. Come hungry and grind generously into your favorite dishes. We take ours everywhere, our umami goodness is like salt, pepper, and spices rolled into one!


MVSH Home:

MVSH Home brings you the healing goodness of mushrooms throughout your home. Our shiitake mushroom soap line soothes and softens. It's our wild experiment, constantly changing, so keep checking for our new soaps, you never know what the morning dew may bring! Current soaps include: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Shroom; Frost Flower; Tea Ceremony; Festive Forest; Hunter's Coffee; Winter Stroll; Rose Romance; Lavender Luxury, and Breakfast Bar.

In addition, our MVSH Home Candle line brings  the timeless fragrances of the Vineyard for you to enjoy year-round. Vacation doesn't have to end when you take a piece of the Vineyard home with you. Current scents include: Vineyard Porch, Water Rubies, Boatbuilder, Decadent Donuts, Trustafarian, Midnight Kayak, Dune Rendezvous, and South Beach Party!


MVSH Cosmetics:

MVSH Cosmetics offers vegan Lion's Mane lip balms tubes in MVSH Classic and MVSH For Kids. MVSH Classic Lion’s Mane Mushroom lip balms are packaged in our signature sea blue and sunrise red. They are paired with rich flavors that evoke the beauty and style of Martha’s Vineyard. Our Classic balms are named for Vineyard locales, insider events, and our special friends. They're tinted in our signature colors, but appear clear on your lips. MVSH Kids is our line of clear vegan Lion's Mane Mushroom lip balms.  Introduce your family to the benefits of mushrooms with our friendly flavors and brightly colored caps. MVSH Kids is for anyone who wants to have fun! They're named for special kid-friendly Vineyard places and events.

MVSH Cosmetics product lines include:

MVSH Classic, a series of lip balms intended for the health conscious mushroom connoisseur. The Classic series' flavors include Sheila’s Strawberry Cheesecake, Christiantown Cranberry, House Rental Hazelnut Latte, Beetlebung Butterscotch. Steamship Sour Green Apple, Possible Dreams Pistachio, Abel’s Hill Acai Blackberry, and Gosnold’s Green Tea.

Our MVSH Kids line uses fun flavors to open up kids' to the world of mushrooms, starting with our lip balms. Flavors include West Chop Popcorn, Chappy Cheese Pizza, Polly Hill Peanut Butter, Beach House Birthday Cake, Gingerbread Cottage, Down-Island Dill Pickle, Campground Candy Apple, Cape Pogue Creamsicle, and Beach Plum Bubble Gum.


MVSH World is our line of globe-trotting exotic flavored Reishi Mushroom lip balms. Packaged in our signature sea blue and sunrise red, these little tins are better than fidget spinners for hand-held comforting. You won't be able to stop clicking them! They're tinted in our signature colors, but appear clear on your lips.  MVSH AFTER DARK is our sophisticated line of liquor flavored Reishi Mushroom lip balms. Packaged in elegant black, they're tinted in our signature summer twilight, but appear clear on your lips.

The MVSH World line, packaged in easy-to-carry tins, gives you all the health benefits of Reishi in a container smaller than a smartphone. Flavors include Mombasa Mango Lassi, Prague Peppermint, Pago Pago Peach, Aspen Almond Biscotti, Kathmandu Chai Tea, Angkor Asian Pear, Saskatoon Salted Caramel, and Chang Mai Coconut Lemongrass.

The liquor-flavored MVSH After Dark line comes in a variety of flavors, including Edinburgh Eggnog, Geneva Grand Marnier, Aran Islands Irish Whiskey, Martha’s Vineyard Merlot, Boozy Belgian Bananas Foster, and Copenhagen Crème de Menthe.