Martha's Vineyard Mushrooms™

Artisanal Mushroom Products

Our Mission:


At Martha's Vineyard Mushrooms, our mission is to blend traditional knowledge of the mushroom world with cutting edge technologies in order to grow the very best mushrooms for our clients. All of our mushrooms are grown using just light, air, water, and wood or plant materials. Our vertical greenhouses are climate controlled for year round farming, and allow us to grow with a minimal footprint. While we're growing on our farm in Martha's Vineyard, our greenhouse technology is ideal for urban environments and small home farmers as well. We're currently building mobile greenhouses so we can farm on the go and bring our super fresh mushrooms everywhere. We're developing a community outreach program to help disadvantaged and nontraditional workforce people learn to grow their own mushrooms so they can participate in the growing mushroom economy with us. Besides our fresh and dried mushrooms, we also founded our MVSH (pronounced 'mush') line to help bring the health benefits of mushrooms to a wider audience, through our MVSH home line of soaps and candles, and our MVSH Cosmetics line of skin care and beauty products. The mycophobic can become mushroom lovers after they experience all of our mushy goodness.  We're spreading the love of all things mush with MVSH! At Martha's Vineyard Mushrooms, we're growing a better world, one mushroom and one person at a time.


Who We Are:


Martha's Vineyard Mushroom was co-founded by the mother and son team of Kathryn and Tain Leonard-Peck. We offer fresh and dried mushrooms from our farm on Martha's Vineyard, and also artisanal mushrooms products for your home and family. Our products include mushroom salt, mushroom spice grinders, mushroom coffee, mushroom soap, mushroom candles, and mushroom skin care and cosmetics. Kathryn's interest in mushrooms began at Dartmouth College, where she studied mycology, indigenous people's traditional uses of mushrooms, and modern fungi explorers. She continued in the sciences while at Columbia Law School, and did more lab work at Harvard. One of her passions is making mushrooms and their health benefits more accessible to people through her and Tain's MVSH (pronounced 'mush') skin care and cosmetics line. Tain is a high school student with a strong interest in comparative world cultures and modern technology. Among his current goals are to built his own sweat lodge from mycelium, and to eventually help NASA built the first structures on Mars, using his mushroom tech!